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We’re building a Church of missionary disciples in Grapevine, TX by preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and reaching the poor.


Weekend Masses

Nursery available at all masses except 8am.

Saturday Anticipatory:
5:00 PM

8:00 AM   •   10:00 AM  (Interpreted for the Deaf)
1:00 PM  (En Español)   •   4:30 PM


Capital Campaign

Our Faith, Our Family, Our Future Find out all the details of our campaign.

Thanksgiving Mass

Join us to thank God for all His many blessings with our Thanksgiving Day Mass at 9am.

Immaculate Conception

Join us as we celebrate this Holy Day of Obligation on December 8.

Advent Mission

Join us as we discover That One Thing. Featuring Michael Gromley, this two-day event is set for December 17-18.

40 Hours of Adoration

Come pray with us before the Blessed Sacrament on November 28-30.


Frank – Grapevine, TX

There isn’t one specific encounter I could narrow it down to, for me it’s just paying attention to the movement of the Holy Spirit, and striving to open my eyes to Christ living in everyone around me.

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Dawn – Grapevine, TX

When my husband, Reid, and I got married in 2014, we had no idea what the Lord would have for our lives, but were ready to take on this new vocation of marriage with Christ at our center.

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Marissa – Grapevine, TX

What we love about St. Francis is the family and community atmosphere. At St. Francis you can feel at home, raise your family and continue to be part of a community that serves God.

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St. Francis of Assisi Blog

Pastor’s Points: November 11, 2018

Strangely enough, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead isn’t on any of those lists.  Stranger yet, none of the thirty-seven miracles performed by Him chronicled in the New Testament are listed.

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What’s Your Beam?

I kept going and felt like sleeping it off would be the right decision, but I woke up the next morning in a ridiculous amount of pain. Knowing that it wasn’t going to go away on its own, I went to the Doctor.

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Pastor’s Points: October 28, 2018

They are seeking something yet undefined for most of them and they are of the belief that they will find it in our beloved Church.  They bring with them a curiosity and a fresh spirit of intense desire to find the Truth and make it their own.

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