St. Francis Seminarians: Answering God’s Call 

My name is Reed Proctor and I am a first-year Fort Worth Seminarian studying and being formed at Saint Joseph’s Seminary College in Covington, Louisiana. I entered right after graduating from high school, so I am a true freshman.

I was born in Grapevine into a loving family of my one brother and my parents who raised the two of us Catholic. I have been in Catholic schools my whole life: I attended St. Francis’ parish school, Holy Trinity, from pre-K through 8th grade and went to high school at Nolan Catholic in Fort Worth. My family has been parishioners at St. Francis for as long as I can remember. Throughout my childhood, my faith was important to me and I enjoyed my Catholic education, but in my early teen years, I started to get lost in the distractions and misplaced values of the world. I still had the desire for love and for holiness, but I didn’t know how to achieve and satisfy this desire. I entered the Confirmation program at St. Francis unsure of what it had to offer, but it was actually exactly what I needed to make a profound turn back to God. Through the help of my family, friends, and the community of St. Francis, I was able to discover the love of God which calls us to greatness through service.

As I fell more and more in love with Christ and His Church, the desire for priesthood gradually grew within me. This call was difficult to deal with at first, but over time, through my little “yes”s to God’s will, I continued to desire the priesthood more and more until I was able to peacefully say “yes” to the bigger steps, like applying to the seminary.

In my seminary formation, I am growing very quickly in prayer and in maturity. My peace and confidence in my vocation continues to grow, as well as my deep desire for sanctity through God’s will. I set out every day with the goal of following God’s will authentically and with love. I fail frequently, but prayer and the sacraments always bring me back to God’s ever-renewing and unconditional mercy. Please continue to pray for me and my other seminarian brothers! The St. Francis community is always in my prayers.

This story was written by Reed Proctor, Fort Worth Seminarian studying at Saint Joseph’s Seminary, and published in the December issue of the St. Francis Grapevine.