Updated Design Plans for St. Dominic Savio Formation Center and Holy Family Adoration Chapel presented to and approved by the St. Francis Building Committee.

Plans will be presented to the Diocesan Building Committee for final approval soon. Benefits of Building Plan changes:

  • Increased ease of use and travel from the church building to all other buildings used for youth catechesis.
  • Alleviates potential planning and zoning limitations related to proximity to homes on the north end of campus.
  • Eliminates the need to reclaim green spaces as a result of new construction.
  • Saves cost in the following areas:
    • The existing elevator in Family Life Center can serve both buildings, eliminating the need for an additional elevator and associated costs.
    • Eliminates the need for costly removal of outlying buildings.
    • Allows outlying buildings to be used for storage, maximizing new construction for classroom space.