David – Euless, TX

I have been attending St. Francis for 43 years. For every life event for me and my family, our St. Francis family has been there supporting us. We live really close to another Catholic Church that we attend when need arises, but St. Francis has been and always will be our home.

As a 3 time cancer survivor – in moments of despair, Christ was always there letting me know it would be OK. When I lost my job last year, there were times I would get fearful of the future – anytime I got nervous something would happen to take that fear away. It could have been a reading from daily Mass, or the Psalm of the day, or the gospel, or Father Flynn’s homily would hit home… Many, many times my fears would melt away while at adoration. The calming and powerful physical presence of Christ would let me know to trust in Him, things will be OK. Christ is also here to celebrate with us. There are many times I feel Christ’s presence during times of joy as well.