Dawn – Grapevine, TX

“My name is Dawn Hensley and I’ve been a member of St. Francis of Assisi for almost two years. First and foremost, I am a convert to the Faith, making the best decision of my life to join the Church in 2010. I converted when I was 20 years old after years of searching for Home. After joining the Universal Church, I knew I needed to get active in a parish in order to stay strong and focused in my new life with Christ. I joined Sts. Peter and Paul in New Braunfels, TX shortly after and quickly became engaged in several different ministries.

When my husband, Reid, and I got married in 2014, we had no idea what the Lord would have for our lives, but were ready to take on this new vocation of marriage with Christ at our center. In December of 2015 we put all our faith in God and moved to Grapevine. Our move to Grapevine was unplanned and we weren’t sure how the Lord would be able to heal our sadness of leaving our old parish community. We had become so close to the various ministries at Sts. Peter and Paul but felt called to move.

After becoming members of St. Francis in January of 2016, we saw an announcement in the bulletin for an interest meeting to start up the Young Adult ministry. We had been foundational members of the Young Adult ministry back in New Braunfels so we went to the meeting. The rest is proof the Lord knows exactly what He is doing. From six people at an interest meeting in January 2016 to September 2017, the Veritas Young Adult Ministry has not only blossomed into an email list of almost forty members, but has filled the empty piece in our hearts that we were so worried about when we left.

Since joining St. Francis I have been part of the Veritas ministry but also the CHRP ministry, they have both taught me so much about myself and about growing in a parish community.”