Ernie – Grapevine, TX

My wife, Jane, and I have been parishioners of St. Francis from the fall of 1979 until the present. We started attending Mass in the small, wooden church on Northwest Highway. At our first Mass a humble Hungarian Cistercian, the notorious Father B. (Baltasar) Szarka, welcomed us. We dived into various parish ministries. I gathered that Fr. B. might have been having qualms about Vatican II’s insistence that the laity be brought more closely into parish life and leadership. But, little by little, he seemed to adapt. He always ministered St. Francis with loose reins. Most appreciated that. We mourned the death of our dear Fr. B. who was our connection with the Church of our youth. But change was inevitable.

Jane and I continue our involvement in the life of St. Francis throughout our nearly 40 years as parishioners. We serve because we always felt our Church work at St. Francis was appreciated and filled a need in our spiritual lives.