Fe y Formación





Hemos creado una serie de programas en Español para enriquecer nuestra fe y nuestra relación con Dios. A continuación incluimos la información, la fecha de inicio y la opción de registro. No importa si no asististe a las primeras sesiones, no importa, puedes unirte a los programas aunque ya hayan comenzado.

Conociendo al Espíritu Santo

Enero 18

Martes 7:00 a 8:30 pm

¿Qué tanto conoces de la tercera persona de la Santísima Trinidad que es el Espíritu Santo? Venga y conozca el poder que tiene para transformar tu vida!


Para más información acerca de los talleres, por favor contactar a:

Hermana Edid Torres // 817 481-2685 Ext. 239 // [email protected]

Why is Adult Formation important?

At St. Francis, our goal is to help parishioners journey along the Path of Discipleship. One of the best ways you can become a missionary disciple is by growing in your relationship with Christ and his Church through ongoing catechesis, including the various bible studies, presentations and workshops, and small groups offered here.


It’s all about relationship

It is especially sobering to learn that when Pew surveyors asked the question, “Which comes closest to your view of God: God is a person with whom people can have a relationship, or God is an impersonal force?” only 48 percent of Catholics were absolutely certain that the God they believed in was a God with whom they could have a personal relationship.

So it should be clear that retaining a Catholic identity does not mean that someone necessarily believes in God at the heart of Catholicism. How much of our faith can make sense to millions of Catholics when the bedrock foundation – belief in a personal God who loves us – is not in place?

Where does all this leave us? Certainly one of the most fundamental challenges facing our Church is this: The majority of adult Catholics are not even certain that a personal relationship with God is possible.

In order to help our community have and grow in this, THE most essential and important relationship, we have created a Faith Enrichment program to help and share with all of our parishioners. You are welcome to come, even if the series already started, and discover how great and amazing this relationship can be for your life and your family.

“The truth is that at this very moment, millions of Americans, including many ex-Catholics, are open to the faith of Jesus Christ and his Church.”

Sherry Anne Weddell