The Guardian Ministry at St. Francis is a volunteer ministry with the goal of ensuring the safety of our parishioners while preserving the sanctity of mass and other parish events.  Since the announcement of the ministry in Fall 2019, over three dozen parishioners have volunteered to join and are currently in various stages of training to become certified members.  The training process takes several months, so at this time the ministry is not fully staffed.  While volunteers are undergoing training, the leadership staff will be performing as Guardians as much as possible.

This ministry is open to any volunteer, not just licensed armed persons.  The ministry needs unarmed volunteers as well as anyone with medical experience to participate in important roles.  However, active duty and former law enforcement personnel are highly encouraged to volunteer.  Please contact the leadership team at if you have any questions or wish to apply to the ministry.  Thank you for your commitment to keeping St. Francis a safe and secure place to worship.