Homeschool Youth Catechesis Option

The first catechists in any child’s life are the family members with whom he or she lives. What happens at home – both positive and negative – provides lessons for life. In the family, faith is shared as part of the unfolding of daily life. The home or “domestic church” provides a real place in which a child learns to live his or her faith as well as understand it.

Our goal is to create a program of lifelong faith formation that is centered in and flows out of the events of Church life. It embraces all ages and generations, promotes faith growth at home and promotes participation in parish life.


Homeschool Online Catechesis Option

Parents are the primary educators and catechists in the life of their children. Ideally, all catechesis would primarily take place in the home. We are happy to provide resources for parents to guide their children directly in growing and maturing in the faith.

Our parish uses My Catholic Faith Delivered for our home school curriculum. If you’d like to preview the curriculum and lessons visit

To Register for Homeschool Catechesis:

Register for youth catechesis and choose the homeschool option for your child. After completing payment, you’ll then receive log-in information from My Catholic Faith Delivered within a few weeks of registering.

For more information on preparing your child through a homeschool option, please contact:

Jackie Bedore ([email protected] ) – PreK – 5th grade and First Communion

Amanda Lindayag ([email protected]) – Middle School (6th – 8th)

Jose Salazar ([email protected]) – High School (9th-12th) and Confirmation