Keith and Jolee Hotop – Grapevine, TX

“Jolee: We started going to St. Francis as a newly engaged couple in April 2014. We were drawn to the welcoming, Spirit-filled community of St Francis and it soon became our home parish. At that time Keith was Catholic, however, I was a baptized Christian that had not yet joined the Catholic faith. During the next several months through our engagement process, my remaining questions were answered and I felt drawn to join the Church. I received First Communion in October 2014 and we celebrated the Sacrament of Marriage later that same month. Since being married, St. Francis has continued to play a central role in our lives. We’ve had the opportunity to be a part of the Young Adults group, Marriage Formation, Core Team and Keith also serves as an usher during Mass. We have formed relationships and built a Christ-centered community with fellow parishioners that has been pivotal throughout various phases of life. Last month we welcomed our firstborn daughter, Elliana, and she will be baptized at St. Francis in November. We look forward to continuing to cultivate our faith and serve at St. Francis with our growing family over the years to come.

Keith: I grew up as a cradle Catholic and at the age of 26, I still had an elementary knowledge of the faith. We found St Francis as we began attending mass together and it was obvious that it was filled with the Spirit. At that time, St Francis was offering many educational classes on the apostles, church history, and apologetics. During this process is when a fire in my heart was ignited for Christ and I began to dig deeper into the faith. The things I found were tremendous which led me to put Christ at the center of my life rather than trying to include Him in my free time. I am very fortunate to have a church and a community such as this; a church I can point to and call home. ”