A few weeks ago, I had a really rough week at work. You know those days where nothing seems to go right? I had five of them. In a row.

Over that weekend, I was questioning everything. Am I in the right job? Am I in the right career? Heck, am I even in the right country?!

Monday morning, as I walked into my office, I prayed a quick and simple prayer: “Jesus, I need to have a good day today.”

He showed up in a big way, and I got two new big clients that day.

That was mid-February, and that little prayer turned into the best quarter I’ve had since I started this job.

Now that Q1 is over, I’ve been reflecting.

And let me tell you something… all this reflecting has led me to ask Jesus, “what the heck, bro?!”

Because you see, there are things I’ve been praying for, day in and day out for ten years that still haven’t happened yet. Hearts to be opened, people to be healed, the world to be changed. MY HEART to be changed.

In the grand scheme of things, my amazing Q1 at work doesn’t matter. And as I was reflecting I thought, wow Jesus… THAT was the prayer you answered? My dumb prayer about work that really won’t matter in 5 years, let alone eternity?

But here’s what I know to be true:
He cares about the little things.
He can and will do big things in His time.
His ways are not my ways.
He is good.

So maybe there’s something in that quick little prayer after all… maybe that moment of complete surrender where I was wholly unattached to the outcome allowed Him to come in and be strong in my weakness.

Maybe those “bigger prayers” I’ve been praying for years are areas where I’m still holding on too tightly for Him to come in and be Lord. Maybe my trust is still too small.

As the quarter was wrapping up, in the midst of a dreary Lent, I found this tucked sweetly in the wreath on my front door, as a reminder. Spring is here. Easter is coming. Jesus is Lord!

This blog was written by a guest writer and parishioner, Brittany Anderson. Brittany is a financial planner by day and evangelist by calling. She spends her free time Instagramming her many random hobbies and checking things off her 30 Before 30 list.