Find Your Mission.


Walking with Others

Ananias Training is a two part workshop that trains people to walk with others on their journey of faith, specifically by using skillful listening and intentional conversation and questions. Inspired by the important role Ananias played in St. Paul’s journey to Christ, our Ananias Training will help people:
  • recognize the stages of another’s spiritual journey through compassionate listening.
  • talk about our relationship with God.
  • share how we came to be a disciple of Jesus.
  • share Jesus’ own story in response to the spiritual hunger of another.
Ananias Training is a process designed to form parishioners with no previous training in “the art of spiritual accompaniment.” The training will use Scripture reflections, video, and facilitated discussions to form “Ananiases.”
The goal of Ananias Training is to form a people equipped to be Ananias to one another within the Church as well as to those in the world.
“By virtue of their baptism, all members of the people of God have become missionary disciples.”

– Pope Francis


Your Unique Mission

Find Your Mission: Membership 401 is the fourth and final class in our Membership Series. In Membership 401 you’ll discover God’s mission and your unique role in bringing Jesus to others. We recommend attending Membership 101, 201, and 301 before taking this class.

Upcoming Events

JANUARY 5, 2019

Ananias Training Part I

Part I of Ananias training will be held in Room 113 from 9am-2pm with lunch provided.

JANUARY 19, 2019

Ananias Training Part II

Part I of Ananias training will be held in Room 113 from 9am-2pm with lunch provided.

JUNE 8, 2019

Find Your Mission: Membership 401

This class will be held in room 115 from 9:30-11:30am.