There are different kinds of spiritual gifts but the same Spirit; there are different forms of service but the same Lord; there are different workings but the same God who produces all of them in everyone.

– 1 Corinthians 12:4-6 

At St. Francis Catholic Church, we invite every person in our Grapevine community to encounter Jesus Christ, grow as His disciple, and serve in a ministry and on mission. We call this the Path of Discipleship. We encourage you to engage regularly in activities, events, and ministry groups which facilitate these steps along your spiritual journey. You may feel ready to serve in a liturgical ministry or as a hospital missionary, or you may still have questions about the Catholic faith and desire to grow deeper in a small group or bible study. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to learn how you can journey on the Path of Discipleship at our parish. Then peruse the ministry directory below for more specific ways you can get involved.

For more detailed information on some of the ministries, please see the list below. To get in touch with the leaders of a specific ministry, please contact the parish office. 


Adult Sacramental Preparation Team

A team of volunteers who walk alongside adults who are baptized Catholics but desire further formation and to receive the sacrament of Confirmation. 

Catechist Ministry (PK-6th)

Catechists, both teachers and aides, at St. Francis of Assisi play an integral role in the formation of our youth through teaching in our religious education programs through our traditional classroom setting and our Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program. For volunteer opportunities, visit

Childcare / Nursery

Provided for ages newborn to 5 during the 10am, 1pm and 4:30pm Sunday Masses, and upon request for other ministry events at St. Francis. If interested in joining the team as a paid nursery worker or volunteer, contact the parish office.

Core Team for SFA Young Church

Young Church is St. Francis’ dynamic middle school and high school youth ministry program. CORE Members play a huge role in this ministry. 

CORE Members are adults and high schoolers who help put on the nights, lead small groups, and sometimes are involved with skits, games, planning nights, and giving talks. A CORE Member is a disciple of Christ called into the mission of our parish to preach the Gospel. CORE Members also become part of a community of adults and young adults who are answering this call together.  

Core Team Members at St. Francis of Assisi play an integral role in the formation of our youth through participation in our YOUNG CHURCH nights. These nights happen every Sunday (high school) and every Wednesday (middle school) and include prayer, fellowship, games, formation, and small group time. Core Members can also serve as leaders of Discipleship Groups. 

For more information, visit


Discover Christ Leadership Team

A 7-week long, bi-annual program to help attendees wrestle with life’s big questions. Facilitated by a team of parishioners who host and lead discussion. For more information, visit

Marriage Sponsor Ministry

All married couples of St. Francis are invited to join the St. Francis Marriage Sponsor Ministry. As a Marriage Sponsor Couple you have the opportunity to share in the preparation process for Engaged Couples who are aspiring to the Sacrament of Matrimony. We become partners with the Priest / Deacon / Staff in creating the journey to the understanding of the vocation of Marriage. John Paul II said that “the Catholic Church must do more to encourage lasting marriages. While many couples today have a clear understanding of the secular nature of marriage some appear to lack a proper understanding of the intrinsically religious dimension of this covenant. Modern society rarely pays heed to the permanent nature of marriage. In fact, the attitude toward marriage found in contemporary culture demands that the church seek to offer better premarital instruction.”

Definition of a “Sponsor Couple”
A married couple trained to assist a couple preparing for marriage by helping them reflect upon the realities of married life.

As a married couple we ask you to share your time and relationship with an Engaged Couple. Your life and experience become a sign and example to the other couple. Your life is the fundamental preparation for the ministry that we are asking you to join. Most Marriage Sponsor Couples find the experience not only adds to the Engaged Couple’s preparation but also strengthens their love for each other. You show Christ in the married vocation and family life in a world that does not see the value of committed love and the possibilities for sanctity in living God’s command to love one another.

Training Required
Are we qualified to teach Engaged Couples about marriage?
The first and foremost point is that our lives and our married vocation are the experience and credentials that we bring to this ministry. This is what the Holy Spirit uses. The Prophet Jeremiah did not think he was equipped to speak God’s truth. God told him that He placed His words in Jeremiah’s mouth; “Have no fear“. Each of you has had experiences that left you with this wonder. It is important to understand that this is God’s Ministry and we are His instruments. We do not carry the burden of achievement and success. You are already prepared for this ministry! However, you are not alone. We provide you with process manuals, meeting outlines, activities and workbooks that will guide you through each meeting that you have with the Engaged Couple. We will train you in the use of the materials and are always willing to offer any assistance that you may need in developing the relationship with your couple. As you participate in the program you will come to understand that these manuals and programs are only peripheral to your mission. Your experience and relationship will be what the couple will treasure and take away from the encounter. You are like the credit card in your pocket: you are ready and all you need to do is make a phone call to be activated.

Time Commitment
What is the time commitment required of us?
We are all busy people. Most couples inquiring about this ministry think in terms of meeting a schedule of some kind. They are more interested when they hear that they schedule their own sessions; around their own schedule; in their own homes; with the Engaged Couples they sponsor. We usually have a three month time period to accomplish the five Sponsor meetings. It is like having a job that you can do from home.

For more information or to join the team, contact the parish office. 

Parents of Children with Special Needs

A support group for parents with special needs children.

Preschool Support Team

A group of parishioners who volunteer at our St. Francis Preschool. The group helps the teachers with copying, preparing supplies for projects and activities, and other needs, as well as serving as substitutes as needed. More information about the preschool can be found at

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA)

A process for adults seeking full membership in the Catholic Church, made possible by a team of sponsors and hospitality leaders. Also adapted for teens and children. For more information on RCIA or how to join the team of sponsors and leaders, visit

Vacation Bible School Team

Vacation Bible School is a special ministry for children age 4 (potty-trained) through entering 5th grade put on for one week every summer. The program depends on many volunteers (6th grade – adult) to make VBS a success! For more information, visit

Welcome Retreat (CRHP 2.0)

A weekend encounter with Our Lord, including Mass, adoration, reconciliation, testimony, and fellowship, which leads to life-long friendships in Christ and a support system at St. Francis. For more information, visit


Altar Servers

Altar servers assist the Priest in the celebration of the Mass so the liturgy can be conducted with grace and reverence. We assist the celebrant at the chair and at the altar, lighting the candles, carrying the processional cross, carrying the incense, holding the books, and a variety of other tasks during the service. We do this by performing our duties with honor and respect, reflecting the true presence of Christ at the Mass. This ministry helps to develop a sense of participation in parish life and a love for the church’s liturgical life, while growing closer to God in one’s own life. It also offers an opportunity to understand the rewards of service.

Requirements to Serve

  • Member of St. Francis of Assisi Parish.
  • Must be at least 10 years old, no maximum age limit and encouraged to continue through high school.
  • Received first Holy Communion.
  • Attended at least one training session.
  • Must meet the Safe Environment requirements for their age.
  • Must be enrolled in Faith Formation Classes.
  • Have commitment and be able to perform this role with reverence.


  • Usually a 2 hour training session.
  • April and October sessions (watch the bulletin for dates).
  • Trainees receive a Procedure Guide that describes the responsibilities for each role, proper attire and posture.
  • New servers will be partnered with experienced servers for their first few scheduled Masses.
  • Servers must be enrolled in Faith Formation classes.
  • Servers will need to meet the Safe Environment requirements for their age.


  • Trained servers are assigned to the Mass time of their choice.
  • Scheduled to serve every 3-6 weeks.
  • 3 to 4 servers for each Mass.
  • Schedules for weekend Masses are created every 2 months and emailed to everyone.
  • First Communion, Holy Days, Weddings and Funerals are scheduled by request for volunteers via email.

Altar Server Ministry isn’t just for the younger parishioners.

Parents have an important supporting role. They ensure their children dress appropriately and are punctual and prepared. Parents should ensure the servers arrive 20 minutes prior to their scheduled Mass.

Church Environment

A group that changes the church decor for the liturgical seasons (Advent, Christmas, Lent, Pentecost, etc.), cleans & irons the altar linens and provides other environment needs as they arise.


Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

In sharing the Eucharist, Christians have followed Christ’s loving invitation: “Take and eat; take and drink.” With the bread of life and the cup of salvation, Christians enter into the fullest experience of the Lord’s presence. In both the bread broken and the wine poured out, Christians proclaim the Lord who died and who is raised to life. The ministers of Eucharist serve at such a banquet. By their ministry, the bread and wine of the eternal banquet is served as the Lord designed: “Take and eat, this is my body. Take this, all of you and drink from it, for this is the cup of my blood, the blood of the new and everlasting covenant.” The ministers of Eucharist perform the extraordinary service of sharing the presence of Christ with all who receive the body and blood of Christ. They are ministers of the assembly in service of the Lord.

Requirements for Ministry

  • Sincere Christians of any age from high school age through adulthood acknowledged by peers to be active Catholics; they should be at ease with other people.
  • Be faithful Catholics who have received the sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation and participate faithfully in the sacramental and liturgical life of the Church.
  • Foster their own devotion to the Eucharist and show an example to the rest of the faithful by their reverent and prayerful manner.


  • Eucharistic Ministers are scheduled on a quarterly basis. Schedules are emailed, if available, or are also available at the parish office
  • Ministers serve approximately once every 3-6 weeks, depending on the Mass the minister is scheduled; on occasion, last minute needs will require more frequent assistance
  • Holy days, Christmas an Easter are scheduled on a volunteer basis

Volunteers must meet the diocese’s safe environment requirements. After training is completed, names are submitted to the Bishop for commissioning. Once acknowledged by the chancellor of the diocese, Eucharistic Ministers are added to the schedule.


To welcome is to light a candle in a person’s life! We pray today that you may sense the presence of Christ in each place you go, in each person you meet, in each action you take, and in every breath you breathe. Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will fine rest for your soul. — Matthew 11:28-29

What: A minister of greeting welcomes all to St. Francis Catholic Church.

When: Ministers of greeting usually serve before the Saturday evening or Sunday morning masses. They are scheduled once or twice a month.

Where: Greeters stand at one of the church entrances. They are there to welcome all who attend mass.

How: A greeting minister is trained at church and made aware of schedules through email or telephone.

Check off to see if the Lord is calling you to this ministry:

  • The church family is important to me
  • I enjoy welcoming people to church
  • I like participating in a ministry scheduled before mass
  • I enjoy receiving a monthly schedule so I can plan my time

If you were able to check all or some of these items, please contact our ministry leader!

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry of St. Francis of Assisi Church is made up of dedicated individuals who are committed to making the prayer of our parish richer through the gift of beautiful and appropriate music, graciously lead and sung well.  Anyone who worships regularly at St. Francis may consider this ministry. Opportunities for singing with the choir, cantoring, playing instruments, assisting with sound, etc., are available. Contact our Director of Music and Liturgy for more information or for volunteer opportunities.


The reader proclaims God’s Word to the assembled faith community. It is both that simple and yet that sublime. The ministry itself is relatively simple and yet it requires a genuine willingness to serve the Lord and the parish community in a more outright and visible manner. The purpose of the reader ministry is to deliver the Word in such a way that the Christian community is nourished by God’s Word spoken to them through the Sacred Scriptures.

In the Liturgy of the Word, God is speaking to His people and Jesus Christ is still proclaiming His Gospel. Readers – men, women and young people – who accept this duty and privilege, minister not only to God in a deeper relationship but to the Church community by bringing the printed Word to life, making it flesh for the assembled community.


Women, men and young people are needed to participate in the reader ministry. Qualified candidates for this public ministry are those of good faith who are eager to serve the Lord and their fellow Christians within the liturgical celebration of the Mass.

Readers are needed for both English and Spanish Masses. Normally each reader serves at one Mass per month.


All readers (regardless of prior service in another parish) are asked to attend an introductory class. At this class, readers receive training and information about the art of proclaiming the scriptures.

All readers receive a workbook for study and participation.

Time Commitment

Time commitment involves two components:

First, the introductory training class; after training readers are assigned on a regular schedule according to their Mass of choice. In addition to time during the Mass at which one reads, there is individual preparation of prayer and practice using the Reader Workbook to ensure a responsible and authentic proclamation of God’s Word to the assembly.

Readers are asked to be flexible in their willingness to serve at various weekend and holy day masses.


Did you ever wonder how the Church is always set-up for the weekend Mass? Items for baptisms – holy oils, baptismal garment, candle, and certificate – are always in place and seats for the baptismal family are reserved, seats are reserved for the First Holy Communion family and the recipient’s certificate is set out, the altar candles always seem to light, and even the books that the presider will use to celebrate the Mass are in place. All of this is done by parishioners who participate in the Sacristan Ministry.

At St. Francis, the Sacristan’s general responsibilities are to help prepare and maintain the worship space and to have in-place the items needed by the presider to properly and prayerfully celebrate Mass and other liturgies, in a smooth and flowing manner. Preparation is the key to a prayerful celebration.

Typical Duties

  • Reserve seats for Baptismal, First Eucharist and Vocation Cross families
  • Ensure baptismal items are in-place, as needed
  • Ensure The Book of Intentions is in place for the start of Mass
  • Verify set-up of the altar for Mass
  • Verify there are a sufficient number of Altar Servers for Mass
  • Replace items after mass and set-up for the next Mass

Requirement for Ministry

  • Faithful Catholic who has received the sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation
  • Be at church before Mass to check set-up
  • Stay after Mass to reset items in preparation for the next Mass

As ushers, we provide for the comfort and safety of the congregation during the Masses. Ushers exercise a true liturgical ministry of hospitality that helps to build community. Through serving the worshiping assembly with joy, dependability, kindness and reverence, ushers can help prepare their brothers and sisters for joyous participation in the sacrament of unity.

With a minimum of five masses each weekend,  and other masses during the year (holy days, Christmas, Easter, etc.) there are many opportunities for volunteers in this ministry.

Time Commitment

Approximately 15 minutes before and after Mass, in addition to the service during Mass will help the usher’s role of being effective in this valuable ministry.

Wedding Coordinator Ministry

Assist couples with the planning and running of their wedding celebration and liturgy. 

Eucharistic Adoration

Adore our Lord Jesus Christ, truly present in the Eucharist. Both weekly adoration and 40 hour vigils take place in our chapel. For more information, visit


St. Francis Outreach

The Mission of St. Francis of Assisi Outreach is to connect the hearts, hands, and efforts of our parish community to meet the basic necessities of our brother and sisters in need. St. Francis of Assisi Outreach Ministry was first organized in the parish in 1979 as an outgrowth from the original St. Vincent de Paul conference. The food pantry also has been an integral part of the assistance provided by St. Francis Outreach ministry. Many families are assisted through these resources. Through the efforts of many volunteers and the generosity of the parish family, the Thrift Store. and food pantry have developed into one of the outstanding emergency assistance centers in the Grapevine area today. For more information, visit

Deaf Ministry

Aims to provide deaf or hard of hearing persons and their family members accessibility to the Catholic Church, including interpreters at Mass.

EnCourage Ministry

EnCourage is an apostolate that provides support for families and friends of people who experience same-sex attractions and/or gender dysphoria. Meetings are held monthly at a parish in the DFW area. For more information, go to their website or email the local meeting facilitator at [email protected].

Grief Ministry

The Grief Ministry offers the bereaved a safe, confidential place to find solace in their grief and comfort in sharing with others. Those who are dealing with grief experience healing knowing that others are experiencing similar feelings and can guide them down a productive path of hopefulness.

Guardian Ministry

The Guardian Ministry at St. Francis is a volunteer ministry with the goal of ensuring the safety of our parishioners while preserving the sanctity of mass and other parish events.  This ministry is open to any volunteer, not just licensed armed persons.  The ministry needs unarmed volunteers as well as anyone with medical experience to participate in important roles.  However, active duty and former law enforcement personnel are highly encouraged to volunteer.

Hospital Ministry

We bring Holy Communion and healing prayer and concern to Catholic patients at Baylor –Scott and White Medical Center in Grapevine. Our hospital ministers visit the hospital once during their duty week. The day varies. Patients or their families may request a visit but it is not necessary. The hospital provides a list of all Catholic patients in the hospital which our ministers use to schedule their visits.

Training Required

  • New members are required to complete the Parish Eucharistic Ministry training and Safe Environment training.
  • The hospital also requires all ministers be trained by its staff.
  • All ministers must pass a background check and medical history and meet inoculation requirements.
  • A current member of this ministry will train and accompany new members on their initial visits to the hospital.
  • Members must be careful to safeguard the confidentiality of the patients.

Time Commitment

  • One afternoon training session held by the volunteers office and another by the chaplain’s office.
  • Occasional emergency requests to visit and to bring communion.
  • One regular visit usually every month.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Visit patients.
  • Encourage them.
  • Pray with them.
  • Bring Holy Communion.
  • Encourage new Catholic patients to join St. Francis Parish.
  • Experience the satisfaction of comforting the sick.
Hospitality Ministry

If food is the way to the heart, then the St. Francis Hospitality Ministry has the correct recipe for serving the parish. This ministry of approximately 65 men and women provides corporal and spiritual works of mercy for our parish, priests and families, by hosting funeral receptions, dinners, and hospitality service for meetings or classes.

Hospitality at Funerals
The purpose of the hospitality ministry is to provide a welcoming environment for the families who are feeling the loss of a family member. Their goal is to create a place to meet, share memories, and gather for a home cooked meal together; but, the loved ones don’t have to cook or clean their homes. The ministry provides the place, the meal and the clean-up. The group prays for the family and offer our condolences.

If you have recently lost a family member and are needing assistance with planning a funeral at St. Francis, please visit the Funerals Page.

Hospitality for Clergy
The group also provides meals for priests and clergy who visit our parish regularly for penance services, episcopal visits, and vocations dinners. The idea is that if the group provides a good meal, the priests will come back to assist in the future. The priests of the area are extremely appreciative of the hospitality provided to them at our parish, often saying our meals are some of the best.

Other Hospitality Needs
The group also assists the Knights of Columbus, when needed, for their receptions and activities and regularly cooks for the RCIA meetings.

Since the group is blessed with so many volunteers they are able to serve on a rotating schedule; many hands make light work. The group also has the luxury of couples who serve, as well. Anyone interested in table setting and décor, meal planning, food preparation, serving, greeting, serving, replenishing, or clean-up are welcome.

Newcomers Welcoming Committee

The team that welcomes and orients new families to the parish community through dinners and info tables. 

Nursing Home & Homebound Ministry

A group of individuals who pray with and bring Holy Communion to Catholic homebound and residents of assisted living and nursing homes in the area.

Respect Life Ministry

Our immediate pro-life objective is to protect, from deliberate abortion, the lives of our fellow humans who are waiting to be born. Our broader objective is to promote respect for all human life and to assist preserving its dignity against any threat, whether of accidental or of willful origin.  Our concern is not only for the unborn baby, but also for the parents and the whole of our society.

Also, our Ministry is motivated by the words of Saint Pope Paul II, from the Gospel of Life, No. 95: “What is urgently called for is a general mobilization of consciences and a united ethical effort to activate a great campaign in support of life. All together, we must build a new culture of life.”

More information is available at the Diocese of Fort Worth Respect Life Office at


Discipleship Groups

As part of our Path of Discipleship, varios small “Grow Groups” of parishioners meet to call each other to deeper discipleship of Jesus Christ. For more information, visit

Padre Pio Prayer Group

The Padre Pio Prayer Group is all about intercessory prayer, meeting on Fridays after Mass to pray the Efficacious Novena to the Sacred Heart.
They begin by asking Padre Pio to pray with us and intercede for our parish and the members, and although the group’s focus is prayer, they also volunteer as a group at parish events and activities. 

Wednesday Morning Prayer Group

In existence for over 35 years with over 1,000 prayer meetings to date, this is a charismatic prayer group striving to bring people closer in relationship with the Triune God and Blessed Mother through praise and worship, prayer and education. Each member not only strives for their own personal holiness and relationship with God and Mary, but together they strive to impart the love of God to those in need through intercessory prayer.

Literature as Prophecy Course

Dr. Robert Alexander, a former literature professor at the University of Dallas, serves as a guide to take those who wish to join him through a cathedral made up of pieces of literature. All of these pieces were chosen for their prophetic character. They all reveal Christ at work in the ordinary affairs of our daily lives. Some are pagan or pre-Christian, some medieval (Dante), some modern (Shakespeare), and some coming on the threshold of a post-Christian world (Dostoevsky, Melville, Eliot, Faulkner, and C.S. Lewis). The works arose out of different cultures (Greek, Roman, Italian, English, Russian, and American), but they are universal in character and witness to the central fact of our Catholic faith: that God took on our nature, surrendered himself to a horrible and humiliating death, and invited us to share in his risen life, to enter into what the early church fathers called a theiosis (man being raised so he can share in the divine life of God). The works that we read don’t consist of arguments or statements or ideas. They are living experiences of Christ and the Spirit at work in the world. We are not Protestants; our faith was never intended to leave us only in our heads, understanding and being inspired by Scripture. Christ invites us to enter into his actual life, to be one with It. The course is offered in the hope that it will help people see Christ where ordinarily we don’t see him, to enter more fully, more deeply, into the sacramental life of the Church and especially the Eucharist.

The purpose of the course is to help people find Christ where ordinarily we don’t see him and to enter more fully and deeply into the sacramental life of the Church, especially the Eucharist. Everyone is welcome to join at any point in the course!

For more info on the course and to join, or to listen to audios of past classes, contact the parish office or visit


Event Planning Committee

A group of individuals who help plan, lead, and facilitate any social, parish-wide events put on at the parish, including our annual Parish Picinic & BBQ Cook-off, Chili Cook-off, Father Daughter Dance, Christmas Party, etc. 

Knights of Columbus

Catholic men’s fraternal organization with a focus on charity, unity, and fraternity that helps raise funds for parish projects and local & world-wide charities.Thanks to the efforts of Father Michael J. McGivney, assistant pastor of St. Mary’s Church in New Haven and some of his parishioners, the Connecticut state legislature on March 29, 1882, officially chartered the Knights of Columbus as a fraternal benefit society. Members have special life insurance benefits available to them. For more information, visit the Knights of Columbus website.

(Not a parish ministry, but the council is affiliated with our parish)

Knights of Columbus Ladies Auxiliary

A women’s group that supports and extends the charitable, civic and social pursuits of the Knights of Columbus at our parish.

MOMS Ministry
St. Francis MOMS, or Ministry of Mothers Sharing, is a group of moms striving to help each other find life-giving friendships and purpose in their vocation of motherhood. We invite all moms to join our community!
We are super excited to “Re-Launch” our Ministry Group this fall and hope you will save the dates and make plans to join us at the following events!

Want to start getting text and email updates about our MOMS group? Text SFAMOM to 84576 to be added to our contact list!

For more information, visit

Catholic Men's Fellowship

St. Francis is launching a new Catholic Men’s Fellowship! If you want to connect with other men who will support each other in Formation as a man of God. All Men of the Parish are invited.

For more info:

Women's Craft Group

Our mission is to foster a welcoming environment for the Church community which includes fellowship among women with service to the Church. We do this through the following activities:

  • Cleaning altar cloths
  • Morning bible study
  • Sewing baptismal bibs
  • Crafters – annual St. Francis Angel
  • Preparing dinners for priests during reconciliation services
  • Assist in parish-wide events
  • Community Fest bake booth
  • Annual Bake and Craft Sale, which supports the Honduras mission, youth scholarships, Outreach and other activities listed above
  • Changing the environment of the church for each liturgical season

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities in the Women’s Ministry are many. Sewing and embroidery machine sewing can be done within your own home. Bible study & crafting are on going throughout the year.  Sewing, embroidery sewing, baking, serving at funeral receptions, laundering altar linens and decorating the altar and church for different liturgical seasons is done as needed throughout the year as well as providing meals.

Time Commitment

Time commitment varies with each individual activity.  We encourage you to choose an activity or activities that best suit your interest.


Jóvenes para Cristo

Es una asociación de fieles laicos que han tomado la tarea de llevar la Buena Nueva a todas las personas como lo hizo Jesús.

Familias Católicas

Grupo de Oración para formar una comunidad cristiana más fuerte, debemos ser seguidores de Jesus, hay que cambiar lo que vaya contra el Reino de Dios.


Si tu fe no la puedes callar y tienes que compartirla y proclamarla, especialmente con los niños, además podrás aprender y valorar más tu conocimiento de Jesus. Te invitamos a Ser Catequista o Ayudante..


Si tienes 10 años o más, recibes la comunión, eres buen hijo y hermano, puedes estar cerca del altar en cada misa.


Sin evangelización la Iglesia no puede existir, puedes ser parte de esta evangelización, te invitamos a ser proclamador de la Palabra de Dios en cada misa Domingo.

Ministros de Comunión

Jesús nos invita a alimentarnos de Él. Puedes tener esta bella experiencia anunciando el Evangelio, lo más fielmente a Jesús. Puedes ser ministro de la comunión.


Es una persona que libre y voluntariamente, ha decidido en acción de gracias, dar su vida al servicio del Señor y de la comunidad. Te necesitamos para ser un Acomodador.