Environment & Women’s Ministry

Environment & Women’s Ministry Coordinator
Ofelia Armstrong // armsda@verizon.net // 817-488-6829

Our mission is to foster a welcoming environment for the Church community which includes fellowship among women with service to the Church. We do this through the following activities:

  • Cleaning altar cloths
  • Morning bible study
  • Sewing baptismal bibs
  • Crafters – annual St. Francis Angel
  • Preparing dinners for priests during reconciliation services
  • Assist in parish-wide events
  • Community Fest bake booth
  • Annual Bake and Craft Sale, which supports the Honduras mission, youth scholarships, Outreach and other activities listed above
  • Changing the environment of the church for each liturgical season

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities in the Women’s Ministry are many. Sewing and embroidery machine sewing can be done within your own home. Bible study & crafting are on going throughout the year.  Sewing, embroidery sewing,  baking, serving at funeral receptions, laundering altar linens and decorating the altar and church for different liturgical seasons is done as needed throughout the year as well as providing meals.

Time Commitment

Time commitment varies with each individual activity.  We encourage you to choose an activity or activities that best suit your interest.