Music Ministry

Director of Music & Liturgy
Denise Brooks // 817-481-2685 ext. 228 //

Coro Hispano Coordinator
Ruth Yammine // 817-498-8595 //

passion-cd-coverRecording of “The Passion” by SFA Choir Now Available

Dr. Randall DeBruyn’s  “The Passion of Our Lord according to St. John” has long been a favorite of the choir, and we have sung it on Good Friday many times.  In 2014, Fr. John Robert Skeldon, an amazing voice, sang the part of Jesus with us.  It was a very special experience – so much so that we recorded it and now have a CD for sale to the public. 

 “The Passion” is a beautifully moving musical rendition of the Passion of St. John.  We hope that it may complement your prayer during this Lenten Season. 

 CDs may be purchased from the church office or Denise Brooks for $10 each.

The Music Ministry of St. Francis of Assisi Church is made up of dedicated individuals who are committed to making the prayer of our parish richer through the gift of beautiful and appropriate music, graciously lead and sung well.  Anyone who worships regularly at St. Francis may consider this ministry.

Singers should have a pleasant voice and a love of music and liturgy, and can commit to attend rehearsals regularly. Singers DO NOT need to read music.  Instrumentalists must be proficient with their instrument, and be willing to invest the time (on their own and in group rehearsal) to make the best music for worship.

While we are serious about doing our very best for the Lord and our parish, we also have fun, taking great joy from our love of music.  All opportunities discussed here are volunteer.

If you love music and are considering using your talents to serve God and our parish in this ministry, read on for specific areas of opportunity!  Contact Denise Brooks, Music & Liturgy, about any of these groups.

Saturday 5 pm Vigil Mass // Cantor & Instrumental Ensemble

This is currently cantor-led, accompanied by piano, and occasional other instruments.  Music is primarily from GATHER (GIA Publications). Leader:  Denise Brooks

Sunday 8 am Mass // Cantor-led

This mass is cantor-led with piano or organ, guitar and clarinet.  Additional instruments such as woodwinds or strings would be a welcome addition.

Sunday 10 am Mass // Adult Choir

Currently at around 60 voices, this choir sings harmonies (SATB) for a wide variety of music styles.  Ministering to the 10 am assembly is the primary responsibility, but this group also leads special celebrations (Holy Week, RCIA Rite of Election, Ash Wednesday, etc.) and gives an occasional concert.  A dynamic group who works hard and has lots of fun, this could be your group if you enjoy “singing in a choir”. Requires a true commitment, but has great rewards!   Rehearsals are Sundays from 6:30 – 8:30 pm in the Music Room. Leader:  Denise Brooks

Sunday 1 pm Mass // Spanish Choir

This group consists of guitar, piano, bass, and four voices singing melody and occasional harmony.  The group focuses on singing and playing music of the rich Hispanic culture represented in our parish.  The choir is open to high school age and older, and additional instruments (drums, trumpet, violin, to name a few) would be most welcome.   The group meets ½ hour before mass to warm-up. Leader:  Ruth Yammine

Sunday 4:30 pm Mass // Praise & Worship Group

This group, whose goal is to lead the congregation in praise and worship with contemporary Christian music, is made up of a small band (2 guitars, bass, piano, violin, drums, and vocalists). If interested in getting involved, contact the the Director of Music Ministries to be put in contact with the band leaders.


The ministry of the parish cantor is to bring the song of the assembled community to life, and to assist the people so that their song may be prayer, from the heart as well as the head.  A good cantor brings life to sung prayer.  Good music leadership brings life to the assembly. Cantors require a very high level of musical expertise, leadership qualities, a strong and clear voice and a strong spiritual center.  Cantors play an active role at St. Francis by leading the Saturday 5 pm Mass, Sunday 8 am Mass, and special liturgical celebrations throughout the year. If you believe you have the special skills to be a cantor, contact Denise Brooks, Music & Liturgy, for an appointment.

People in the Pew

Within the gathered assembly, the role of the congregation is especially important.  “The full and active participation by all the people is the aim to be considered before all else, for it is the primary and indispensable source from which the faithful are to derive the true Christian spirit.” Constitution on Sacred Liturgy No. 14 .  Awesome singing voice not required…just a desire to praise God with the gift he gave you!


If you don’t have the time to commit to a regular ensemble, but are interested in playing occasionally please contact Denise Brooks to discuss.  There is plenty of opportunity for a featured instrument at various liturgies throughout the year.