R.E.A.Ch. (Religious Education of Adult Christians)

R.E.A.Ch. Ministry Coordinator
Joe Oliveti // 214-718-3399

What is R.E.A.Ch. (Religious Education for Adult Christians)?

It is a group of Parishioners that meets each week after the 10am Mass in the Meeting Room.  We study and interpret the Sacred Scripture in accordance with Catholic tradition and within the bounds of the Catholic Catechism (literal sense and the Spiritual Senses—allegorical, moral, and anagogical and the Magisterium).  So if you are hungry for understanding and want to read Scripture but don’t know how, or you are frustrated by your lack of understanding, or even where to start we can help.  Newcomers are always welcome, and you can join us anytime, even if you cannot attend each week.  The group typically meets from September-May, with a break in the summer. You can come and just listen or participate if you desire, no advance preparation required.  This is a great opportunity for those parents that have children in Catechetical Formation.  Bibles are available, no books to buy!  Contact Joe Oliveti for more information 214-718-3399.  Coffee and donuts are available.