Reader Ministry Coordinator
Greg Hart // 214-766-6828 //

Reader Training Session

Tuesday, April 23, 2019 // 7pm 

If you are interested in the Reader Ministry, please plan to join us at this training! Contact Greg with any questions or for more info. 

The reader proclaims God’s Word to the assembled faith community. It is both that simple and yet that sublime. The ministry itself is relatively simple and yet it requires a genuine willingness to serve the Lord and the parish community in a more outright and visible manner. The purpose of the reader ministry is to deliver the Word in such a way that the Christian community is nourished by God’s Word spoken to them through the Sacred Scriptures.

In the Liturgy of the Word, God is speaking to His people and Jesus Christ is still proclaiming His Gospel. Readers – men, women and young people – who accept this duty and privilege, minister not only to God in a deeper relationship but to the Church community by bringing the printed Word to life, making it flesh for the assembled community.


Women, men and young people are needed to participate in the reader ministry. Qualified candidates for this public ministry are those of good faith who are eager to serve the Lord and their fellow Christians within the liturgical celebration of the Mass.

Readers are needed for both English and Spanish Masses. Normally each reader serves at one Mass per month.


All readers (regardless of prior service in another parish) are asked to attend an introductory class. At this class, readers receive training and information about the art of proclaiming the scriptures.

All readers receive a workbook for study and participation.

Time Commitment

Time commitment involves two components:

  • First, the introductory training class; after training readers are assigned on a regular schedule according to their Mass of choice
  • In addition to time during the Mass at which one reads, there is individual preparation of prayer and practice using the Reader Workbook to ensure a responsible and authentic proclamation of God’s Word to the assembly.

Readers are asked to be flexible  in their willingness to serve at various weekend and holy day masses.