Nancy – Grapevine, TX

I have volunteered at St. Francis Outreach for 9 years, where I serve as a caseworker. It’s an honor to be able to help others in need. It makes me extremely grateful for what I have and it makes me realize I don’t have to look far to see how many people need help. Outreach is blessed with an amazing group of people, starting with Mary Molini and all of her volunteers.

I really do feel that every time I’m able to help a client, whether financially, with groceries, pointing them in the right direction for other assistance, or just being a listener, God has blessed me and is working through me.

We see people from all walks of life at Outreach. I remember interviewing a lady one day who said she used to come to St. Francis but fell away. Now she was taking care of her grandchildren and was thinking of returning. We talked about this for awhile and I encouraged her to really think about coming back. I saw her that Saturday night at Mass with the kids and my heart soared! I felt like maybe I’d made a difference.

I would like our parishioners to know that SFO is a wonderful ministry and we’d love to serve more of our parishioners. It’s not just a place to come for financial assistance. Our store is great! We sell everything from clothes, shoes and jewelry to dishes, home items and sometimes furniture. Also, SFO is blessed to have so many parishioners supporting us! We would never be able to accomplish all we do without their generosity.