Welcome to St. Francis!

We are so glad you are interested in joining our Church family.

Become A Parish Member

If you have not already registered as a parish member, please do! This will ensure you receive our quarterly newsletter and stay up-to-date on any parish events or activities. It also helps us keep accurate data on who makes up our parish family, what your needs may be, and how we can help you participate more fully in the Catholic life.

You are a Vital Member of Our Family!

We want to get to know you better. Maybe you don’t quite know yet where you fit into the parish community, or how we can help you live out your Catholic faith. Maybe you aren’t sure how your gifts and talents can help us Build a Church of Missionary Disciples, as our mission states. We invite you to discover our Clear Path of Discipleship, which will walk you through how you can encounter Jesus Christ, grow in your faith, and serve the community here at St. Francis.

More Fully Live out your Faith at St. Francis

At St. Francis we take seriously our mission of Building a Church of Missionary Disciples by Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Reaching the Poor.  We want you to live out this call within our parish family and in your own personal life.  In addition to beginning to encounter, grow and serve here, you can do this by participating regularly in the sacraments, tithing, and attending our upcoming events.