We have all been there. A day in your calendar approaches and you have the realization that time is just moving too quickly. My son turned 1 at the end of September, and it was one of those days for me.

I feel like I was just pregnant and we just brought him home to join our family. How is he 1 already?  

Maybe it was the busy-ness of also caring for my 3-year-old this time around, or maybe it’s just that I am getting older and so the days seem to go faster. Possibly it’s that my husband and I have had a hard (yet very fruitful) year in terms of work/life balance, family and health concerns, and long-term goal setting. Most likely it was a combination of all of this.  

Whatever the case, it has been a hard realization for me over the last couple of weeks that this past year, the first year of my son’s life, has just seemed to pass me by.   

I think oftentimes our faith life is like this too. We just go through the motions, attending mass every weekend, praying some daily prayers, and even just coming to our normal church activities and ministries.  Before we know it, Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter have passed us by and it’s Ordinary Time again. We always have the intentions of becoming more involved or praying a little more or participating in the sacraments a little extra. And then another year has passed without us having fulfilled these goals.  

But did you know there is something really amazing about Ordinary Time? It isn’t called “Ordinary” because it is the normal, humdrum time of the year. In fact, “Ordinary” comes from the Latin word ordinalis, which refers to numbers in a series. Basically, it’s just the liturgical time of the church that is counted weekly. For example, my son’s birthday weekend fell on the 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time. So, while we always seem to make faith resolutions during the seasons of preparation, like Advent or Lent, we don’t have to skip through Ordinary Time like it isn’t important. As the children in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd here at our parish would tell you, Ordinary Time is green because it’s the “time for growing in love for the Good Shepherd.”  

So, I challenge you. If you have felt like this last year has just passed you by (like me), don’t wait until Advent, which is one of the busiest times of the year for most of us, to increase your daily prayer or search for ways to deepen your faith. Do it now. During Ordinary Time. The Good Shepherd is waiting to share His love with you today. And my guess is that if you can work to fulfill your faith goals during the remaining Ordinary Time, you will feel that much more grace, joy, and peace during the times of great preparation and celebration this winter.  

Good Shepherd,
Help me to hear you calling my name
during this time of growing in love for you.
I ask for the grace and strength to relish
each day as a gift meant for glorifying you.
Thank you for loving me. 


This blog was written by Danielle Milliken, Coordinator of Digital Media & Communications here at St. Francis of Assisi. If you’re interested in writing a blog for St. Francis of Assisi, please contact Joseph at [email protected].