“In order that the message of salvation can show the power of its truth and radiance before men, it must be authenticated by the witness of the life of Christians.”  I wish I could take credit for that statement, but I can’t.  It’s from Part Three, Section One, Chapter Three, Article 3, Paragraph III, 2044 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  In layman’s terms it simply means, “Practice what you preach!”  I’ve talked with you about becoming a saint and that we are obligated by our baptismal calling to lead a holy life and be an example to others.  The Catechism tells us that our faith is a foundational condition for the proclamation of the Gospel and the Church’s mission in the world.  Our own parish mission statement echoes these ideas. There is no better time than now to begin to transform our lives so that we demonstrate to all whom we meet that we are proud to be Catholic Christians in a broken and sinful world.  That doesn’t mean we’re better than everyone else, it simply means we acknowledge our human condition and believe that following Christ is the only way to assure that earthly life can measure up to the final judgement that determines our eternal life.  Stay the course, pray unceasing, and don’t forget to Whom you belong! Thank you for your prayers and generosity in the Campaign.  God bless you all.

Pastor’s Points is a bi-weekly feature about faith, family, and life, from our pastor, Father James Flynn. It is published in our parish bulletins, as well.