A couple weeks ago we celebrated the Combined RCIA Rites of Welcome and Acceptance for two groups who are seeking membership in our Catholic Church.  Some had been baptized in another denomination and were already part of the larger Christian community and we accepted them into our Catholic Christian family.  The others were unbaptized and we welcomed them into the Order of the Catechumenate to begin their journey of attaining initiation into Catholicism.  All these individuals have responded to the gift of faith they received at their birth and have chosen to follow their journey in that faith with our faith community. They are seeking something yet undefined for most of them and they are of the belief that they will find it in our beloved Church.  They bring with them a curiosity and a fresh spirit of intense desire to find the Truth and make it their own.  This spirit drives them to spend time listening, questioning and thirsting for a full understanding of the Person of Jesus who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  Most of us did not come to our acceptance of our faith in this manner but were born into it. In some ways, we could envy these seekers who engage each new session of catechesis with a fresh desire and yearning to learn and understand the message of the Lamb.  We can all take their example to heart in our own lives by rekindling the fire of desire to learn and understand the magnificence of the gift of our faith as we move towards the conclusion of our life and its reward, whatever that may be.  We should always be aware of where we stand with God in our life.  Are we ‘all in’ or are we ‘holding’?  When we contemplate what our eternity will be, if we are honest with ourselves, there shouldn’t be much doubt as to what our final destination will be.  After all, who, other than God, knows better how we have lived and are living our life? We know, even though we may not want to admit it, exactly what our standing is in the eyes of God.  We can measure our capital by counting the times we have intentionally performed the corporal and spiritual works of mercy that Jesus told us would be the measure of where our final destiny would lay. Re-read or read for the first time, the Gospel of Matthew 25: 35- 45 to learn what the ‘measure’ means to us. This week, determine which side of the Lord you would be on if your life ended at that moment – are you a sheep or a goat? Thanks again for all the support of our Capital Campaign.  If you’re still uncommitted it’s not too late. Please continue to pray for our clergy as we do for you.

Pastor’s Points is a bi-weekly feature about faith, family, and life, from our pastor, Father James Flynn. It is published in our parish bulletins, as well.