A strong family unit is essential to maintaining the overall social health of any society. So too, a strong family unit is essential to maintaining the overall health of our Church. “Church” has many dimensions and I want to focus on the parish dimension and how our individual involvement in developing our own spiritual life impacts the overall health of the Church family unit – the parish. It’s a cliché to say: “Love is the bond that holds every family together.” For us as Catholic Christians our ‘family’ begins with us personally and how we relate to the Trinity, the embodiment of familial love. We know that God the Father’s perfect reflection of Himself is His Son, Jesus Christ and that the power of their love for each other is so great it begets the third Person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit. When we strive to grow in the knowledge and love of each of the three Persons of the Trinity we are strengthening and growing the bond that holds us in communion with them as the Holy Trinity. Our earthly family is strengthened by the increase of knowledge and love among its members; so too, is our spiritual family strengthened by increasing our knowledge and love of its members. We get to know, appreciate and love anyone by spending time with them, communicating with them and doing acts of love and caring for them. It’s no different for our spiritual family…we need to get to know, appreciate and love each of the three Persons of the Holy Trinity to grow and strengthen the bond of love within the family of the Trinity and us, individually. There is no better way to get to know God, appreciate Him and love Him than to spend time with Him, communicate with Him and do acts of love and caring for Him. Adoration is an amazingly simple action that helps us accomplish all of these things. Realizing that the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament for extended periods of time, as we do here on Wednesdays, Fridays, and when we have 40-hours of Adoration, is our opportunity to sit with God as manifested by the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, there, on the altar in the holy vessel of the monstrance. Regardless of whether or not there are others present with us, that is our personal time with the Lord God to talk with Him, to listen to Him, to pray and worship Him all towards the end of strengthening our knowledge, appreciation and love of Him and all that He does in our lives. Recall that Jesus asked His disciples to “watch and pray with me” in the Garden of Gethsemane on the night before He died. He asked: “Can you not watch only one hour with me?” He still asks that of us today…will you take the time to spend some time with your Lord, God, Creator, Redeemer and Spirit, once a week for only one hour? Even if you can only stop by the Church for a few minutes…would you do it if the Vatican announced that Jesus would be present in the flesh, just as He was when He resurrected on the first Easter, in our adoration Chapel next Wednesday? If you answered “Yes”, then come by on any Wednesday or Friday during the day because if your faith is strong enough, you will see Him, in the flesh, on our altar. Thank you for all you do for our Parish and for your patience with the facilities as we complete many long-overdue renovations. Continue to pray for us as we do for you. God bless.

Pastor’s Points is a bi-weekly feature about faith, family, and life, from our pastor, Father James Flynn. It is published in our parish bulletins, as well.