Rhonda – Southlake, TX

When we first moved to the area, we were looking for a parish home. It was during a morning mass in the chapel, when I just felt “at home.” I have enjoyed getting to know our priests and the parishioners. I find the community very welcoming. This community is a place that welcomes you where you are, and will assist you on your journey.

Recently while praying a rosary, I realized how my life is the living gospel. As we meditated on the “Visitation” I thought about the moms from the MOMS group who have come to my aid since the first of January. Just like Mary who left her home, pregnant, to visit Elizabeth, my friends left their homes to care for me and my children.

As I stumble under the weight of my cross, I remember that Jesus also fell…more than once, but not nearly as many times as me. I stumbled and just when I felt the weight was too much for me, my own “Simon” appears out of nowhere. I don’t know how these “Simons” even knew I needed help, but because of their actions, I feel God’s love every day.

As I cry, at times to complete strangers, my “Veronicas” appear. They wipe away my tears and give me the encouragement to throw my custom made cross over my shoulder and carry on. I know my cross is not an ounce too heavy or an inch too long. It is custom made for me and I am strong enough to carry it.

My husband and I have given our “time, talents and treasure” during the past 20 years to the church. This year, was the first time we were on the receiving side. We had to take advantage of Outreach for a loaner walker (Rollator) for my husband. I found myself at the feet of many parishioners who came to carry me during this difficult time. Almost every time we are at the parish, another parishioner will come up to us and tell us that they have been praying for us. Believe me, we have felt those prayers…without them, we would not be where we are today. Praise God for the family of St. Francis.