Safe Environment

Parish Safe Environment Coordinator
Donna Buccino // 817-481-2685 ext. 229 // [email protected]

St. Francis of Assisi is dedicated to making our parish a safe place for all children, vulnerable adults and families. We follow the Fort Worth Diocesan guidelines with regards to protecting God’s children.

How do I register?

If you are interested in volunteering or renewing your Safe Environment certification use the registration button.  If you are registering for the first time you will need to choose “I NEED A VIRTUS PROFILE”.  When registering in Virtus you will need to have an ID and password.  The initial class is “Protecting God’s Children” and is a 3-hour class.  If you are renewing your class you will need to choose “I HAVE A VIRTUS PROFILE”.  The renewal class is “Keeping the Promise Alive” and is a 1 ½ hour class.

Safe Environment Certification for Employees and Adult Volunteers is REQUIRED PRIOR TO SERVING in Ministry AND MUST BE RENEWED EVERY TWO YEARS.

If you have any questions please contact our Parish Safe Environment Coordinator Donna Buccino // 817-481-2685 ext. 229 // [email protected]

What are the requirements?

PRIOR TO THE START OF SERVICE All Clergy, Religious, Lay Employees, and Volunteers are required to fulfill all mandatory steps, have an acceptable criminal background check, and must successfully complete the required ongoing training as a condition of continued employment or volunteer/ministry service.


  • Completion of the Volunteer Ministry Application, including the names and contact information of 3 (non-family member) references, who will be contacted.
  • Signed Authorization for Release of Information form.
  • Completion of the National Criminal Search including Sex Offender background check.
  • Successful completion of the Protecting God’s Children class.
  • Signed Code of Conduct Agreement form upon review of the Diocesan Code of Conduct & Behavior Standards for All Clery, Religious, and Lay Ministers.
TEENS REQUIREMENTS (14 yrs to 17 yrs)
  • Attend a Teen Volunteer Training Safe Environment class.
  • Complete a Teen code of conduct.
  • Must attend Empowering God’s Children class yearly. The Empowering God’s Children class is given through Religious Education. Parents can teach the class at home through Virtus. You will need a password and ID to make a profile.
PRE-TEENS REQUIREMENTS (10 yrs to 13 yrs)
  • Parents must sign a release authorization permission for the children to volunteer.
  • Parents must teach the “Educational Program for Pre-Teen Volunteers” booklet to their children.
  • Pre-teens must complete and sign the Teen Leader Code of Conduct Agreement form.
  • Parents must complete and sign the Certificate of Attendance and return the top of the form.
  • Must attend Empowering God’s Children class yearly. The Empowering God’s Children class is given through Religious Education. Parents can teach the class at home through Virtus. You need an ID and password to make a profile.
  • A volunteer driver must possess a valid Texas license, with classification proper for the type of vehicle driven (provide a copy)
  • A volunteer driver must be 21 years of age or older.
  • A DRIVER INFORMATION SHEET must be completed when an individual initially volunteers and annually thereafter.
  • The Driver Information Sheet will be reviewed annually by appropriate personnel to ensure that the driver is eligible to drive, as determined by the Diocesan Rating System.
  • A volunteer’s vehicle must be currently licensed/registered and inspected. This documentation must be properly displayed.
  • A volunteer must annually provide proof of auto liability insurance in amounts of not less than $100,000/$300,000/$25,000 on their personal auto (provide a copy of declaration page of auto insurance showing required amounts-each time it expires)
  • Complete Authorization for Driving Check
  • Anyone handling money, credit cards, or gift cards needs to complete an Authorization for a Credit Check.

Forms and Documents

Becoming a Facilitator

The selection and training of Safe Environment Facilitators for our parish is an important part of creating and maintaining a safe environment to protect those most vulnerable within our Diocese from abuse. Each Facilitator is certified and authorized to facilitate designated training sessions under the guidance of the Coordinator of Safe Environment.

To become a Facilitator, each applicant must participate in the application/interview process, complete a Safe Environment Facilitator Training workshop, and be willing to fulfill the position description qualifications. The workshop provides context, reality and action items for the Safe Environment Awareness program, and also provides practical tips and procedures for facilitation, along with guidance for assimilation of the materials.

If interested in becoming a facilitator, please:

  • Review the Safe Environment Facilitator Position Description.
  • Submit the completed application to our Parish Safe Environment Coordinator; Donna Buccino: [email protected]
  • Provide a general idea of weekday availability for a face-to-face meeting, if possible, including times between 8:30 and 5:00 p.m.
Please, click on the purple button and click on the preview image to download the PDF file to fill in the application.


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