Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross began as the practice of pious pilgrims to Jerusalem who would retrace the final journey of Jesus Christ to Calvary. Later, for the many who wanted to pass along the same route, but could not make the trip to Jerusalem, a practice developed that eventually took the form of the fourteen stations currently found in almost every church.

Images of the Passion of Jesus remind us that every time we come to Mass, we are not only mystically present at the Last Supper, but also mystically present at the foot of the Cross on Calvary, where our salvation was won for us.

Pray With Us


Every Friday during Lent, join us to our Meditation of the Stations of the Cross at the Sanctuary.

 7:00 pm English // 7:45 pm Spanish


This year we have created, with some volunteers and supporters, a Drive-Through Stations of the Cross. You can come and meditate at anytime, day or night, in English or Spanish!

Just find the entrance sign, choose the language you prefer. Drive-through, stopping at each of the stations as you listen & pray along.

Pray and meditate in English

Pray and meditate in Spanish

The Stations of the Cross, from the original church building of St. Francis in Grapevine, were reintroduced into the Nave of the Church with the renovations completed in Fall 2019.