Stations of the Resurrection

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Drive-Through Stations of the Resurrection. You can come and meditate at any time, day or night, in English or Spanish!

Just find the sign at the entrance of the Stations and, using the camera on your smartphone, access the audio recordings with the QR code. English and Spanish versions are available.

Pray and meditate in English

Pray and meditate in Spanish

Audio in Spanish comming soon.

The Via Lucis, or The Way of Light, is a prayer devotion that is much lesser known than the more traditional practice known as The Stations of The Cross. The Via Lucis is far more contemporary having been initially presented in 1988 and formally adopted by the Vatican in 2001.

This prayer devotion focuses more on the light and hope that is the direct result of the Resurrection of Our Lord on Easter Sunday. The Via Lucis is observed by some parishes from Easter through to Pentecost Sunday.

The Way of Light has 14 stations just like the Stations of the Cross. Each station provides a reflection and prayer to help us meditate on the reality of the Risen Christ.