Support HTCS on North Texas Giving Day!

Make plans on September 19, 2019 to support our parish school, Holy Trinity Catholic School, on North Texas Giving Day! This is a special day set aside by the Communities Foundation of North Texas to encourage charitable gifts among the North Texas Community. Your gift of $25 or more will earn bonus funds for our parish school!

With your generous support on North Texas Giving Day will help us preserve the Truth, Beauty and Goodness in Catholic education. Thank you for considering a donation to Holy Trinity Catholic School. 


Dear Crusader Champions,

Holy Trinity Catholic School has joyfully celebrated 17 eighth grade graduations. Our mission continues to foster an environment which nurtures the gifts and talents of each student by forming lifelong learners, joyful servants of Jesus, and influential leaders. Our motto of “Learn. Serve. Lead.” shines brightly in each of our graduates.

Reverend Ron Nuzzi, Ph.D., the former ACE Director at the University of Notre Dame, constructed a pamphlet entitled “Why Catholic Education Still Matters in 10 Reasons”. These reasons are evident at Holy Trinity, our parish school. Summarizing his findings, our students grow to understand that:
1. God is present and active within their lives and world, and that God’s grace flows through their relationships with family, friends, and teachers.
2. Meaning is found in the depth, beauty, and richness of Sacred Scripture and our Catholic Tradition.
3. Self-discipline and personal excellence are responses to God’s many blessings.
4. Civic activities become service opportunities, a way of giving back.

It takes a community to effectively educate our children; it does not happen in a vacuum. I truly believe Catholic Education changes our world one mind, one heart, and one soul at a time. Your generous gift matters to the success of our school. Our Annual Fund Campaign begins on Thursday, September 19th, 2019, when Holy Trinity Catholic School will participate in North Texas Giving Day. Last year, our Crusader Champions and families jumpstarted our Annual Fund by raising $70,000 in one day. The Annual Fund supplements our operating budget, which serves the direct needs of our young people.

We differ from our public and private school counterparts in purpose and financial support. Our overarching purpose is for all students to understand and possess a desire to build God’s Kingdom. The majority of our financial resources comes from our Diocese, families, donors, parishes, and parish organizations. Government support, in the form of Title II Funds, amounts to only 0.13% of our total operating budget.

I know that Holy Trinity provides an exceptional Catholic education, and is a careful steward of the gifts we receive throughout the year.

On September 19th, 2019, we ask that you “Get Up and Give” to Holy Trinity Catholic School during North Texas Giving Day. Please help us achieve our $75,000 goal.

Click here to donate on 9.19.2019.


Deacon Jeff