Synod 2023: Parish listening Session

Walking together as a Church with the Holy Spirit

The Synod convoked by Pope Francis is an invitation to all the faithful to be part of a three-year process that starts at the parish level and is underway in the Diocese of Fort Worth with parish-level listening sessions. 

St. Francis is hosting a listening session of the 2023 Synodal Process that Pope Francis has initiated. We will be discussing questions that pertain to how well we as a parish and as the Diocese of Ft. Worth are listening to God and to one another. All Parishioners are invited!

WHO: All parishioners invited

WHEN: March 30, 2022

5:40 PM Check-in
6:00 PM Mass
6:30 PM Adoration & Opening large group session in the church
7:00 PM Break into small groups of 8-10 people (English groups and Spanish groups).
7:30 PM Small group presentations
8:00 PM Closing prayer & Dismissal

WHERE: St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church

Contact Tim Jara at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Our Holy Father, Pope Francis, has asked that we avoid certain pitfalls to promote the vitality and fruitfulness of the Synodal process:

        • The temptation of wanting to lead ourselves instead of being led by God.
        • The temptation to focus on ourselves and our immediate concerns.
        • The temptation to only see “problems.”
        • The temptation of focusing only on structures.
        • The temptation not to look beyond the visible confines of the Church.
        • The temptation to lose focus of the objectives of the Synodal Process.
        • The temptation of conflict and division.
        • The temptation to treat the Synod as a kind of a parliament.
        • The temptation to listen only to those who are already involved in Church activities.


May the listening sessions be a time to listen to God and to each other. May we hear what God has to tell us and where He desires to lead us!


Where can I learn more?

Detailed information about the Synod is on the Diocese’s website at:

In preparation for the listening sessions, please read and reflect on the Preparatory Document for Listening Sessions

Resources to prepare for Listening Sessions are found here: