The fact is, our world is a swell of #fakenews, we’ve continually accepted more sin into our lives, and we publicly turn our backs on faith, family, and moral values. The fact is, by this point you probably want to stop reading… but trust me, make it to the end. The sad thing is most of us in this country know the answer and the solution but continue to turn away from that truth. The fact is, Jesus can conquer all but we choose to ignore Him.

The fact is, the phrase “do not be afraid” is said in the Bible more than 365 times. That’s enough for you to tell yourself every day of every year of your life that Jesus is Lord and that you’re strong enough.  It’s a fact that we continually forget: Jesus. Is. Lord.  Rather than hiding in your room, forgetting to pray, or turning away from him why don’t you focus on that fundamental truth. Once again, Jesus is Lord.

The fact is, if you’re a Catholic teen reading this or the parent of a Catholic teen you think your goal is to get through Confirmation. Once you’re Confirmed, you’ve done it! Yay! But, the true reality is Christ calls all of us to go out and evangelize in Matthew 28: “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the holy Spirit.” The fact is, our “job” is never done. Our “job” is to go out and spread the love of Christ to all.

The fact is, if you call yourself a Christian, the likelihood is that you’ll make it through high school as a lukewarm Christian and then get to college only to attend Church on an unregular basis. Scripture says in Revelation “So, because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.” The fact is, we are called to much more and are given the strength to push on by our Lord and Savior.

The fact is, you’re a sinner. A good friend of mine (he happens to be a Priest) will start a conversation with me by saying “what’s up sinner,” to which I’ll respond “nothing much sinner Priest.” While some may see this as a shock or an insult, it’s the truth. There’s no #fakenews or lies here, you’re a sinner. While none of us want to be sinners we are.

The fact is, Jesus’ name alone holds more power than any one of your sins. The fact is, you’re stronger than the chains holding you down. The fact is, you’re a beloved son or daughter of Jesus Christ. The fact is, He’s never leaving your side.

This story was written by Joseph Barringhaus, Youth Events Coordinator & Digital Media Assistant. It was originally published 5/4/17 on, and was republished in the June 2017 Edition of The St. Francis Grapevine, our parish newsletter.