Apologetics 101

Follow along to the Apologetics 101 Series put on during Summer 2015. While we were not able to capture every topic from the series, we have posted any audio and/or video of the nights we recorded for your enjoyment and learning. For more information on other upcoming adult faith formation opportunities, visit the Adult Catechesis page.


The embedded players below sometimes take a long time to load. You can either wait a few minutes or you can click the links above to visit the playlists directly in Sound Cloud.

Week 1 (June 1): The Canon of the Bible

Week 2 (June 8): The Bible Alone? Faith Alone?

Week 3 (June 15): Apostolic Authority and Sacred Tradition

Week 4 (June 22): The Eucharist

Week 5 (June 29): Marian Doctrines

Week 6 (July 6): Confession, Infant Baptism and the Priesthood

Week 7 (July 13): Prayer to the Saints, Indulgences and Purgatory

Week 8 (July 20): Answering Moral Questions: Abortion, Fetal Stem Cell Research, Sexual Ethics/Gay Marriage

Week 9  (July 27): The Catechism and Apologetics

Week 10 (August 3): Put into Practice: Best Practices / Catholics and the Culture War